What Was the Name of the First Charity Mount Created by Kingsisle Called?

What Was the Name of the First Charity Mount Created by Kingsisle Called?

Kingsisle Entertainment, the renowned video game developer, has a strong tradition of supporting charitable causes. One of the ways they do so is by creating special in-game items that players can purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going towards various charities. One of the most popular and widely recognized initiatives by Kingsisle was the creation of the “Doomsday Krok” charity mount in their game, Wizard101.

The Doomsday Krok mount was introduced in 2011 as a limited-time item that players could buy for their characters. This unique mount resembled a fearsome, mechanical crocodile, complete with glowing red eyes and steam-powered wheels. It quickly became a highly sought-after item, not only for its cool design but also because its purchase contributed to a good cause.


1. What charity did the proceeds from the Doomsday Krok mount go to?
The proceeds from the Doomsday Krok mount went to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This organization provides support and resources to children and young people in need.

2. How much did the Doomsday Krok mount cost?
The mount was available for purchase at a price of 5,000 Crowns, the in-game currency of Wizard101.

3. Was the Doomsday Krok mount a permanent addition to the game?
No, the Doomsday Krok mount was only available for a limited time. After the charity event ended, players could no longer obtain it.

4. Did Kingsisle create any other charity mounts after the Doomsday Krok?
Yes, Kingsisle continued their tradition of creating charity mounts. They have introduced several other mounts over the years, with proceeds going to various charitable organizations.

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5. Can players still contribute to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America through Wizard101?
While the Doomsday Krok mount is no longer available, players can still contribute to the organization through direct donations.

6. Are charity mounts the only way Kingsisle supports charitable causes?
No, Kingsisle also organizes other charity events and initiatives, including in-game promotions and partnerships with charitable organizations.

7. Will there be more charity mounts in the future?
While Kingsisle has not made any specific announcements, it is likely that they will continue to support charitable causes through the creation of unique in-game items, including mounts, in the future.

In conclusion, the Doomsday Krok mount was the first charity mount created by Kingsisle in their game, Wizard101. It not only added a unique and cool mount to players’ collections but also helped support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Kingsisle’s commitment to charitable causes has continued over the years, with the introduction of various other charity mounts and events.