What Video Type Does Google Slides Support

What Video Type Does Google Slides Support?

Google Slides is a powerful online presentation tool that allows users to create and share interactive slideshows. While it primarily focuses on supporting various file formats for images, text, and multimedia, it does have certain limitations when it comes to video types. Here are the video formats that Google Slides supports:

1. MP4: Google Slides supports the most widely used video format, MP4, which provides high-quality playback and is compatible with most devices.

2. WebM: WebM is an open-source video format that is also supported by Google Slides. It offers smaller file sizes without compromising the quality.

3. MOV: Google Slides supports videos in the MOV format, which is commonly used by Apple devices and some other video editing software.

4. AVI: AVI is a popular video format, and Google Slides allows you to upload and play AVI videos in your presentations.

5. MPEG-4: MPEG-4 is a widely used video compression format, and Google Slides supports it for seamless video playback.

6. WMV: Windows Media Video (WMV) files can be uploaded and played in Google Slides, making it convenient for Windows users.

7. FLV: Google Slides also supports Flash Video (FLV) format, which is commonly used for streaming videos online.


1. Can I embed YouTube videos in Google Slides?
Yes, you can easily embed YouTube videos in your Google Slides presentation by using the “Insert” menu and selecting “Video.”

2. Can I use animated GIFs in Google Slides?
Yes, Google Slides supports animated GIFs. Simply insert the GIF file into your slide, and it will play automatically.

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3. Can I upload videos directly from my computer to Google Slides?
Yes, you can upload video files directly from your computer to Google Slides. Just click on the “Insert” menu and select “Video.”

4. Can I edit videos within Google Slides?
No, Google Slides does not provide video editing capabilities. It is recommended to edit your videos using dedicated video editing software before uploading them to Google Slides.

5. Can I play videos offline in Google Slides?
No, Google Slides requires an internet connection to play videos. However, you can enable offline access to your presentation to view the slides without an internet connection.

6. Can I set the video to loop in Google Slides?
Yes, you can set a video to loop continuously by right-clicking on the video and selecting “Video Options.” Then, choose the “Loop video” option.

7. Can I export my Google Slides presentation with embedded videos?
Yes, you can export your Google Slides presentation as a PowerPoint file, and the embedded videos will be included. However, the recipient will need an internet connection to play the videos.