What to Feed Mother Rabbit After Giving Birth

What to Feed Mother Rabbit After Giving Birth

After giving birth, a mother rabbit, also known as a doe, needs proper nutrition to recover from the birthing process and produce milk to feed her babies. Providing the right diet is crucial for her health and the survival of the litter. Here are some key considerations for feeding a mother rabbit after giving birth.

1. Hay: Continue offering unlimited access to high-quality grass hay. This is essential for the doe’s digestion and provides crucial fiber.

2. Pellets: Introduce a high-fiber pellet designed specifically for lactating rabbits. These pellets provide the necessary nutrients and energy required for milk production.

3. Fresh vegetables: Offer fresh, leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and parsley. These provide additional vitamins and minerals.

4. Water: Ensure the doe has a constant supply of fresh water to stay hydrated, especially while producing milk.

5. Alfalfa hay: Consider adding small amounts of alfalfa hay to the doe’s diet, as it is rich in calcium and protein. However, excessive amounts can cause digestive issues, so moderation is key.

6. Gradual diet changes: Avoid sudden dietary changes, as they can disrupt the doe’s digestion. Gradually introduce new foods to prevent any digestive disturbances.

7. Monitor weight: Regularly check the doe’s weight to ensure she is maintaining a healthy body condition. If she is losing weight or seems lethargic, consult a veterinarian.


1. Can I feed the mother rabbit fruits? While fruits can be given as an occasional treat, they should not be a significant part of the doe’s diet due to their high sugar content.

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2. How long should I continue feeding the mother rabbit a special diet? Maintain the specialized lactation diet until the kits are weaned, usually around 4-6 weeks of age.

3. Can I feed the mother rabbit commercial rabbit milk replacer? It is generally unnecessary if the doe is healthy and producing sufficient milk. However, consult a veterinarian if you suspect any issues with milk production.

4. Should I restrict the mother rabbit’s hay intake? No, hay should be available at all times to ensure proper digestion and prevent any gastrointestinal issues.

5. Can I supplement the mother rabbit’s diet with vitamins? A balanced diet should provide all the necessary vitamins. Consult a vet before giving any additional supplements.

6. When can I reintroduce the mother rabbit to her regular diet? Gradually reintroduce the regular diet after the kits are weaned to prevent any digestive upsets.

7. Can I feed the mother rabbit commercial rabbit food instead of pellets? Commercial rabbit food generally includes pellets and other necessary nutrients. However, ensure it is specifically designed for lactating rabbits.

Providing a well-balanced diet for the mother rabbit after giving birth is vital for her health and the well-being of her kits. By understanding her nutritional needs and following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful post-birth period.