What Is a Community Server Valheim

What Is a Community Server Valheim?

Valheim is an immensely popular survival game that has taken the gaming world by storm. One of the key features of Valheim is the ability to create and join community servers. A community server in Valheim is a dedicated server hosted by players where multiple people can join and play the game together. It allows players to connect with friends, meet new players, and embark on epic adventures in the Viking-inspired world of Valheim.

Community servers offer a range of benefits that enhance the gameplay experience. Firstly, it allows players to have a persistent world where they can continue their progress even when they are offline. This means that players can come back to the server and find their structures and items intact. Additionally, community servers often have specific rules and settings that cater to the preferences of the players. Some servers may focus on PvP (player versus player) combat, while others may prioritize cooperative gameplay. This diversity ensures that players can find a server that suits their preferred playstyle.


1. How do I join a community server in Valheim?
To join a community server, you need to obtain the server’s IP address from the server owner. Then, in the Valheim game, navigate to the “Join Game” menu and enter the IP address to connect.

2. Can I create my own community server?
Yes, you can create your own community server by hosting it on your PC or renting a dedicated server from a hosting provider.

3. Are community servers free to join?
Most community servers are free to join. However, some servers may require a small donation or have a subscription fee to cover hosting costs.

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4. Can I transfer my character between community servers?
Yes, you can transfer your character between community servers. Simply export your character from the previous server and import it into the new server.

5. Can I play on a community server with mods?
Yes, many community servers support mods. However, it is important to check the server’s guidelines and ensure that the mods you want to use are compatible.

6. How many players can join a community server?
Valheim community servers can typically host up to 10-20 players, depending on the server’s specifications.

7. Are community servers safe?
While most community servers are safe, it is important to exercise caution and join servers with a good reputation. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid sharing personal information on public servers.