What Funds Will the Applicant Have Available to Support Their Stay in Australia?

What Funds Will the Applicant Have Available to Support Their Stay in Australia?

When applying for a visa to stay in Australia, one of the important factors that immigration authorities consider is the applicant’s financial capability to support themselves during their stay. It is crucial for applicants to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to cover their expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and other living costs. This article will discuss the various funds that applicants can utilize to support their stay in Australia.

1. Savings: Applicants can use their personal savings to finance their stay in Australia. It is essential to provide bank statements or other evidence to prove the availability of funds.

2. Income: If the applicant has a stable source of income, they can demonstrate their financial capacity through pay stubs, employment contracts, or tax returns.

3. Scholarships or Grants: Students or researchers who have received scholarships or grants can use these funds to support their stay in Australia. They need to provide proof of their scholarship or grant award.

4. Educational Loans: If an applicant has taken out a loan specifically for their education in Australia, they can use the loan amount as evidence of their financial capability.

5. Sponsorship: If the applicant has a sponsor, such as a family member or an organization, who is willing to financially support them during their stay, they must provide a sponsorship letter stating the commitment of the sponsor.

6. Government Assistance: Applicants can also rely on government assistance programs available in their home country or in Australia to supplement their funds.

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7. Relatives or Friends: If an applicant has relatives or friends residing in Australia, they can provide a letter of support stating their willingness to assist financially if needed.


1. How much money do I need to show as proof of funds?
The required amount varies depending on the visa type and the applicant’s circumstances. It is recommended to check the specific financial requirements for the visa you are applying for.

2. Can I combine different sources of funds to meet the financial requirements?
Yes, applicants can combine multiple sources of funds, such as savings, income, and sponsorships, to meet the financial requirements.

3. Do I need to have all the funds in my bank account?
It is not necessary to have all the funds in your bank account at the time of application. However, you must be able to demonstrate that you have access to the necessary funds.

4. Can I borrow money from someone to show as proof of funds?
Borrowed money can be considered as proof of funds if you can demonstrate that it is available to you and will be accessible during your stay.

5. How long do I need to show the availability of funds?
Generally, you need to provide evidence of funds covering a period of at least three months.

6. Can I use funds from my home country to support my stay in Australia?
Yes, funds from your home country can be used to support your stay in Australia.

7. Can I work in Australia to support my stay?
Depending on the visa type, you may be allowed to work in Australia to supplement your funds. However, it is important to check the work restrictions imposed by your visa category.

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