How to Get To Kingsborough Community College

How to Get To Kingsborough Community College

Kingsborough Community College is a renowned educational institution located in Brooklyn, New York. Whether you are a student, staff member, or a visitor, finding your way to the college is essential. This article will guide you on how to get to Kingsborough Community College, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

1. By Car: Kingsborough Community College is easily accessible by car. It is located at 2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11235. The college provides ample parking space for students and visitors.

2. By Public Transportation: The college can be reached by public transportation. Take the B1 or B49 bus to the campus, or use the B/Q trains to Sheepshead Bay-Neck Road station and transfer to the B1 or B49 bus.

3. By Bike: If you prefer cycling, the college offers bike racks for parking. There are also bike lanes available nearby for a safe ride.

4. By Foot: If you live in the vicinity, walking to Kingsborough Community College is a convenient option. The college is accessible from various neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

5. By Ferry: Kingsborough Community College is located near the Sheepshead Bay waterfront. Visitors can take the ferry to Sheepshead Bay and then reach the college using public transportation.


1. Is parking available at Kingsborough Community College?
Yes, the college provides parking facilities for students and visitors.

2. Are there shuttle services to the college?
No, there are no shuttle services operating directly to Kingsborough Community College.

3. Can I reach the college by subway?
Yes, take the B/Q trains to Sheepshead Bay-Neck Road station and transfer to the B1 or B49 bus.

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4. How far is the college from Manhattan?
Kingsborough Community College is approximately 15 miles away from Manhattan.

5. Are there bike lanes near the college?
Yes, there are bike lanes available near the college for cyclists.

6. Can I walk to the college from Sheepshead Bay-Neck Road station?
Yes, it is possible to walk from the Sheepshead Bay-Neck Road station to the college.

7. Does the college have disabled parking facilities?
Yes, Kingsborough Community College provides disabled parking spaces for individuals with disabilities.

By following these directions and utilizing the various transportation options available, you can easily get to Kingsborough Community College. Whether you prefer driving, using public transportation, biking, or walking, reaching the college is convenient and accessible.