How Much of Donation Goes to Shriners

How Much of Your Donation Goes to Shriners?

Shriners Hospitals for Children is a non-profit organization that provides specialized pediatric healthcare to children in need. With 22 hospitals across North America, Shriners has been able to help thousands of children with various medical conditions. However, it is natural for donors to question how much of their donation actually goes towards supporting the cause.

The good news is that Shriners has an excellent track record when it comes to financial transparency. According to their annual reports, an average of 85% of every dollar donated goes directly towards patient care and research. This means that the majority of your donation is used to provide medical treatment, conduct research, and improve the quality of life for children in need.

To further address any concerns or questions you may have, here are seven frequently asked questions about how much of your donation goes to Shriners:

1. How is Shriners able to allocate such a high percentage towards patient care?
Shriners relies on a combination of fundraising efforts, including events, corporate partnerships, and individual donations. This diverse funding model allows them to maximize their resources.

2. Does Shriners receive any government funding?
Shriners is primarily funded through the generosity of donors and fundraising efforts, which accounts for the majority of their revenue. However, they also receive some government grants for specific programs and research initiatives.

3. Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, donations made to Shriners Hospitals for Children are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a receipt for your donation to use during tax filing.

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4. Does Shriners charge families for medical treatment?
No, Shriners provides medical treatment regardless of a family’s ability to pay. They are committed to ensuring that every child receives the care they need, regardless of financial circumstances.

5. Can I specify how my donation should be used?
While you cannot earmark your donation for a specific child or hospital, you can choose which area of patient care or research your donation supports.

6. Are there any administrative costs associated with my donation?
Yes, like any organization, Shriners incurs administrative and fundraising costs. However, they strive to keep these costs to a minimum, ensuring that the maximum amount of funds go towards patient care.

7. How can I verify Shriners’ financial transparency?
Shriners Hospitals for Children is audited annually by an independent accounting firm. You can access their annual reports and financial statements on their official website to gain a deeper understanding of their financial practices.

When considering donating to a charitable organization, it is important to research and understand how your donation will be utilized. With Shriners Hospitals for Children, you can be confident that a significant portion of your donation will directly impact the lives of children in need.