How Much Does Walmart Donate to Charity

How Much Does Walmart Donate to Charity?

Walmart is known for its philanthropic efforts and commitment to giving back to the community. The retail giant has a long history of supporting charitable causes and donating to various organizations. So, how much does Walmart actually donate to charity?

In 2020, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation donated a total of $1.4 billion in cash and in-kind contributions globally. This significant amount is allocated to various initiatives aimed at addressing important social issues such as hunger relief, education, environmental sustainability, and disaster response.

The company’s commitment to charitable giving is reflected in its ongoing partnerships with organizations like Feeding America, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and the American Red Cross. These partnerships allow Walmart to provide vital resources and support to those in need across the United States and internationally.

Walmart also encourages its employees to get involved in charitable activities through its Associate Giving Program. The company matches individual donations made by its employees, effectively doubling their impact. In 2020, Walmart associates and the Walmart Foundation collectively donated $45 million through this program.


1. Does Walmart donate to local charities?
Yes, Walmart actively supports local charities through its charitable giving programs and partnerships.

2. What types of organizations does Walmart donate to?
Walmart donates to a wide range of organizations, including those focused on hunger relief, education, disaster response, and environmental sustainability.

3. How does Walmart decide which charities to support?
Walmart carefully selects its charity partners based on their alignment with the company’s core values and goals for social impact.

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4. Can individuals or smaller charities apply for donations from Walmart?
Yes, Walmart accepts applications for charitable donations from individuals and smaller charities through its Community Grant Program.

5. Does Walmart only donate money, or do they also provide in-kind contributions?
Walmart provides both cash donations and in-kind contributions, such as food, supplies, and merchandise.

6. Do Walmart employees participate in charitable giving?
Yes, Walmart encourages its employees to participate in charitable giving through its Associate Giving Program.

7. How can I learn more about Walmart’s charitable giving efforts?
For more information about Walmart’s charitable giving programs and initiatives, you can visit their website or contact their corporate giving department.